Supply and preserve clean and safe water

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Enforce and implement safe toilet

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About Us

The Water & Sanitation Division (WSD) deploys under the MLPID and our core duties are to provide good quality drinking water supply to the public and to maintain  good sanitation on  Kiritimati Island and to assist Water and Sanitation related project at Tabuaeran and Teraina.

Our main office is opposite to CPPL and adjacent to New KPF building at the far end to the old KPA port in Ronton.

WSD is a service provider of the following

  • Providing water to residents at London and Tennessee, Tabwakea, Banana and Poland through reticulated water systems from Water Reserves,
  • Deliver good quality water to those who are not connected with the municipal system,
  • De-slugging commercial and private manholes,
  • Assisting Kiribati Housing projects related to Water and Sanitary components,
  • Working closely to Water and Sanitation projects,
  • Design and install water systems at Tabuaeran and Teraina.


Public notice and contact

All Water and Sanitation issues must be reported to Main Office by phone or in person as Requests for privates or to be reported through Housing for government housings as Job numbers. All payments must be made to Revenue Cashier at MLPID’s Account issued receipts to our main office for reference.You can contact us by phone on 75381211/75381214 or come in person to our main office.

God’s Peace with Us.Keebwa TeremitaWater and Sanitation Engineer

Water & Sanitation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.