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Development Planning Unit
 Since the establishment of the development Planning Unit within the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Island Development in 1989, planning for the region still remain a challenge for the Unit on how to adopt an effective approach to coordinate plans to achieve target Key Point Areas specify in the Kiribati Development Plan for the future Development of the Line and Phoenix Islands. In order to pursue these targets, the Development Planning Unit together with Assistance of European Union (EU) Technical Assistance has developed long term strategic plan known as Line and Phoenix Integrated Development Strategy (LPIDS) 2016-2036 that incorporated with the KDP. 

Our Vision

“The people of Kiritimati (and the other LPI’s) will enjoy a safe and healthy environment that is resilient to the impacts of Climate Change and that supports productive, enterprise based livelihoods, human health and sustainable development.”

Our Goals
  • Strategic Goal 1 is to support the Islands Economy.
  •  Strategic Goal 2 is to support Social Development. 
  •  Strategic Goal 3 is sound Environmental Management.
Chief Resource Economist/Planner
Chief Planning Officer
  • Increased share of development financing from local and external sources 
  • Well-coordinated development programs/projects, leading to improved 
  •  Maximized and efficient use of limited financial resources.
  •  Improved community support for and participation in development activities
Senior Resource Economist/Planner
  • Division Administration 
  • Development Project Cycle from Identification to evaluation 
  •  Organizing Working Committees for new Proposal and funded project.
Resource Economist/Planner
  • Identify key issues to achieving Development goals Infrastructure/Social /Health/Education etc
  • Project Development Appraisal ·       
  • Project Submission 
  • Set Up Project Database for MLPID
Assistant Project Monitoring Officer
  •  Project reporting 
  • Project Data Formulation 
  • Organizing Committee
  •  Project Monitoring 
  • Project Implementation
Solid Waste Enforcement Officer (Contract Post)
  • Operation of Solid Waste Management System 
  • Coordination of the Community Awareness Campaigns
  • Bringing partnership together to ensure on-going operation of the Solid Waste systems and the rainwater harvesting systems  
  • Tracking and reporting project operation and financial status
Bertie Norton


Mattie Ball

Office Manager

Jennie Roberts

Vice President

Jennie Clarke