• Meter reading is functioning every month and your cares to come and collect your energy bill at Electrical office at Linnix headquarter.
  • The current bill must be paid and the arrears must be cleared by 10% every month.
  • If you need a color lights for your good family functions, just pay $10.00 at Linnix cashier and bring with you a receipt to the electrical office and you will serve.
  • Have two rates on electricity, 0.33 for Commercial rate and $0.30 for domestic
  • Fine of vandalism fro electrical staff is $100.00, the addition to the bill
  • For collecting electricity bill or debit note, please come to the office on the third week of the month, from Monday
  • to Friday during working hours.

Office Work which comprises of electrical Superintendent, Foreman, Store-man and two Meter readers.

  • Provides proposal yearly budget and MOP for the division.
  • Provides yearly work plan for the division.
  • Provides monthly electricity bill debt note and records receipt of payment.
  • Provides order for electrical stock.
  • Provides a good customer service to value customers.
  • Attends at staffs issues

Electrical Distribution which comprises of one leading hand, two tradesmen and two electrical assistant.

  • Looks after the distribution lines and distribution boxes, such as underground cables, overhead cables and kilowatt-hour meters.
  • Attends unexpected fault to main lines of electricity.
  • Assists in all electrical work.

Electrical Installation which comprises of one leading hand, two tradesmen and two electrical assistant.

  • Wiring and rewiring new buildings and old buildings from house Grade A, B, C, D, E, F and shops.
  • Overhauling generators, range from 75 kilowatts to 400 kilowatts.
  • Maintenance and repair electrical appliances to government’s houses and offices.
  • Assists in all electrical work.

Any inquire, please come to the electrical office at Linnix Headquarter or phone 81218 or 81214 extension 119 or email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.