Construction and Joinery Division

The construction and joinery is one of the divisions within the Ministry of Line and Phoenix island development.
1. Our role is to carried out construction house of the
2. we carry out maintenance of government house and  work with the housing division for tenant maintenance house.
3. Involve with projects mostly on  Kiritimati, Tabuaeran and Teraina island.
4. We assist other  ministries and Private  Sectors .
5.We work  with Civil and Technical division on design.

The main task of this division is to monitor, supervise and carry out construction and joinery works for the government and its companies in the Line and Phoenix Group such as Kiritimati, Tabuaeran and Teraina islands.

The aim of this division is to carry out construction works according to the approved national building code. The quality and safety of our client is matters to us therefore we work toward safety and quality through our long service and qualified carpenters in reflection to the approved building code.