We responsible for preparing maintaining the general ledger, payroll, financial statements, paying bills, billing customers, , financial analysis, cost accounting and more.

Post Holder

Senior Accountant
  • Overall management of the ministry’s financial position
  • Revenue & Expenditure
  • Daily monitoring of Kiribati Government no.5 account to avoid overdaft
  • Prepare and compile the ministry’s overall budget annually
  • Providing daily cash flow statement to MFED
  • Maintain monthly cash position projection
  • Preparation of division’s MOP & progress report
  • Supervision of all account staff
Accountant - Madam Faioa Temari
  • Maintain daily/monthly bank reconciliation
  • Kiribati no.5 account-
  • Report and correct any errors detected on bank statement
  • Control ministry’s deposit and report any errors detected
  • Check and pass all PVs
  • Supervision of subordinates staff
Account Officer 1
  • Posting of PVs into MFED accounting System (attache’)
  •  Posting of PVs/RVs into the ministry’s electronic cashbook
  • Checking and raising Imprest for all government staff traveling
  •  Checking and raising travelling claims for all government staff retiring imprest
  •  Maintain the ministry’s telecom account and all government companies account
  • Assist in the distribution of salaries to government employees
  • Control stores inventory register
  • Sending reminders to employees with outstanding imprest
Account Officer 2
  • Control and maintain update entry in the ministry’s control ledger electronically and manually
  •  Confirm that PVs are raised within their provision- maintain monthly reconciliation
  •  Maintain monthly report to HODs and provide reports anytime required by HOD
  • Control payments on the ministry’s projects and maintain ledger-
  • Assist in the distribution of salaries to government employees
Account Officer 3
  • Deals and issue all payments for the governments
  • Maintain daily entry of  payment in cashbook manually
  • Daily issue of cheques to Companies, individuals and others
  • Ensuring that PVs are signed by payees
  •  Batching of all PVs
  •  Assist in the distribution of salaries to government employees
Account Officer 4
  • Assist other ministries on the island with DWs
  •  Control vote ledger for all DWs received
  •  Settling account for other ministries
  •  Maintain monthly expenditure reports to OIC of other ministries on the island
  •  Submit returns to Ministries headquarters in Tarawa
  •  Assist in the distribution of salaries to employees
Account Officer 5
  •  Receive revenues for MLPID and other government
  • Credit correct revenue codes
  •  Maintain daily pay-ins to the bank and issue of Form As
  • Maintain update entry into cashbook manually
  •  Maintain monthly report of all revenues
  •  Batching of RVs
  • Assist in the distribution of salaries to government employees
Account Officer 6
  • Combine debit and credit for government fortnightly salaries
  • Raising all payments for government salaries
  • Collect cash from the bank for salaries
  • Checking and raising payment for MLPID staffs’ overtimes
  • Correcting of salaries for MLPID staff
  • Sending salaries amendments returns to salaries (MFED)
  • Distribution of salaries
  •  Settling account for MLPID divisions.
Account Officer 7
  •  Issuing LPOs for the ministry’s order
  •  Settling accounts for MLPID divisions locally and overseas
  •  Examine monthly state fund account (Fanning & Washington)
  • Control of state fund RBCs
  • Posting of account into General Ledger
  •  Register and issuing payment for telmoes daily